Here are some of the testimonials submitted by our customers:

Tonny B- Plano, Il
I just completed a transaction with Renaissance Diamonds and I am thoroughly impressed.  You lived up to everything you stated on your website and even exceeded my expectations.  I will definitely refer you to anyone who asks about a service such as this and will not hesitate to use your services again.

Richard P-Boston, Ma
Thanks very much for the prompt professional service I received much more than I expected for my 2.0 carat GIA diamond.  Excellent company.

Ida C-Simi Valle, Ca
Reliable, trustworthy, and dependable.  Thank you Renaissance.

Yan M- Tacoma, Wa
I had over $20,000 for my 4.00 carat GIA diamond that I inherited which was sitting in my draw collecting dust.

Diane R- Anaheim, Ca
Me and my husband loved the environment in which we met face to face to sell our 2.5 carat diamond.

Karen H- Las Vegas, Ca
This company works super quick.  I drived to their shop and received payment in just 15 minutes.

Marsha B- Savannah, Ga
My satisfaction is guaranteed and your customer service is top notch.

Richard P- Brooklyn, NY
I was very disappointed when I sent my GIA certed diamond to ##### which I got offered very low.  After the difficulties, I retrieved my diamond back and sent it to you guys.  I was pleasantly surprised with the expertise, professionalism, and honesty that I got.

Dee T- Norwalk, Ca
I’ve used this company twice now and have also referred friends.  I’ve been thrilled with their easy to access locations and large payouts through Southern, Ca.  I totally trust them and will continue to tell my friends about them.

Zachary G- Miami, Fl
Thank you for your generous money.  It was much more than I expected and you made me very grateful and happy.  You are all so nice and caring.  May god bless you, your families and your company.

Pat W- San Diego, Tx
Have used their service now two times, Fantastic is all I can say, I told all my friends about them, now everyone wants me to sell their diamonds for them, I told them how easy it was, and how soon I got paid, and they are now doing it.  Thank you so much, Renaissance Diamond.

Jacob K- Skokie, Il
Great company, Great service….well recommended

Moses G- Palm Springs, Ca
They paid top dollar for my grandmother’s diamond.  Great service.

Tim R- Hemet, Ca
I just wanted to say Thank you! For a smooth and trouble free transaction.  I will admit I was a little skeptic first, but you did everything promised and more.

Maggie F- Newport Beach, Ca
I just visited Renaissance Diamond today, got a pretty good deal on my 4 carat diamond as much I was offered through local buyers.  Will definitely do business with them again.



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